Бондар Володимир Степанович

 bondarBONDAR VOLODYMYR S. – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, professor of the department of drug and analytical toxicology.

Born on August 19, 1941 in the Kup’yevaha village, Bohodukhiv district, Kharkiv region, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1997), Professor (2001). Graduated from Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (1970). Worked as a research assistant, senior researcher of the Kharkiv Institute of Chemistry and Technology of drugs (1970-1984). Worked in NUPh since 1985: assistant, associate professor (1995-1998), Head of the Department of toxicological chemistry (1998-2010), since 2010 – Professor of Toxicological Chemistry department, since 2016 – Professor of Drug and Analytical Toxicology department.

Educational and methodical work. He lectures on the Toxicological Chemistry. Carries out development of lecture material for students of pharmaceutical faculty full-time and part-time teaching and for students of faculty «Technology of pharmaceutical preparations». The author of of manuals: «Methodical recommendations for the course “Rapid analysis of acute intoxication”» (2000); «Toxicological Chemistry. Methodological recommendations for laboratory work» (2001); «Rapid analysis of acute intoxication. Methodological recommendations for laboratory work», «Toxicological Chemistry: Lecture» (2002), «Express analysis of acute intoxication. Lecture» (2001), «Basics of toxicological chemistry. Lecture» (2002); «Toxicological Chemistry with express analysis of acute intoxication: program, control objectives and method. Recommendations» (2004); «Abstract of lectures on toxicological chemistry. Part I» (2005), «Toxicological Chemistry in the charts and tables»(2005), «Abstract of lectures on toxicological chemistry. Part II» (2005); «Basics of Toxicology: Guidelines» (2007); «Toxicological Chemistry with Clinical Toxicology: guidelines» (2008); «Toxicological Chemistry in diagrams and tables: Textbook» (2009); «Collection of test and situational tasks for self-study on the toxicological chemistry» (2011), guidelines and recommendations, typical and working programs of toxicological chemistry, toxicological chemistry with clinical toxicology, basics of toxicology, pharmaceutical aspects of alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse. Research work: chemical-toxicological research of poisons of various nature, development and improvement of technology of industrial production of drugs, destruction of toxic emissions, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Co-author of the first in CIS technology industrial row infusion solutions, methods of closures, two new drugs (Altan, diacamph) techniques to create norms of water consumption and water chemical-pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine and other CIS countries. In 1997 he defended his doctoral dissertation: “Research and improve support processes in the production of of medical products”. Prepared 6 candidates of sciences, 7 undergraduates, directs the scientific work of PhD student. Author and coauthor of 300 scientific and educational works, 3 patents, 32 textbooks and monograph. Social activities: Chairman of the Central methodical commission of NUPh (1998-2006), Member of the Scientific Board of NUPh (1998-2010), member of the Technology Committee of NUPh (2005-2013), responsible for  the work of the supporting department on discipline “Basics of Toxicology” (2010-2013). Rewards: Appreciation from city mayor (2002), Diplomas: Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine (2005), Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2006), NUPh (2008, 2011), Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2010), Sign “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” (2010).

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